Rubbish Blogger!


Oh I had such good intentions with this blogging malarky!

But as much as I am a chatter box and would win a Gold Medal if it was an Olympic Sport, I just need some sort of reminder to update you all more regularly lol.

The first thing I’m going to do is add my WordPress page to my home page when I come online. Hopefully, once that is done, each time I open my browser, it’ll be there in all it’s glory and that should be prompt enough  to get typing!

There is no second, as I can’t think of anything else to do that will put this in the forefront of my mind to get adding!

So, for now,  let’s get this post up and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll get posting daily…..for a while at least(as I’m home for the school holidays – yay!!).

Until tomorrow folks………..





I was not kidnapped by Aliens!(Just life!)

Oh, how very very lax of me to have had 4 months without a post!

My best intentions fell by the wayside and for that I am truly sorry.

So shall I recap the last 4 months?

Um, work, family, work, mum’s 70th Birthday, more work, more family stuff…..oh, then there was Christmas – how could I forget! And another Birthday – -this time my son AND on Christmas Day! We saw New Year in with the usual game night and Chinese and a bit of Hootenanny in bed (and no that’s not a euphemism!) January gave me the usual….skint, cold and new challenges in my workplace! My online businesses hit a slump and I decided to call it a day with my candles so I could focus on my makeup and skincare. And that’s about it! How I could condense 4 months of my life into one short post shows how boring or predictable my life is lol.

On a plus though, there is another birthday on it’s way – -Hubby will be 50 soon and we are having a HUGE treat of what I would call a “posh” holiday. We have a villa booked for a week in Lanzarote and I will make sure I do a piece on that as we usually go cheapest of cheap. So that means I am in a good position to weigh up what is best…spending that extra for your own private place or getting in with other holidaymakers in a no frills apartment.




So hopefully, the time between this post and the next will only be a couple of weeks and in that one, I will share my findings!!


We all survived!

This blog is sort of a catch up of the week. The ins and outs, the ups and downs, what’s happened in the life of me in the last week……

So, the kids went back to school – after a very wobbly start on Monday, my boy went into his school a lot better the following day after telling me he stopped crying before he got into school and was very proud of himself! He’s had a couple of mini wobbles through the week, but came home gushing on Friday about a new lesson he has called Music Technology (or something like that!) where they were mixing music! It’s the first time in a long time he has come home with something positive to say about school. I have nigh on nothing to write about my daughter as she goes in to school as sweet as a nut with ease! Her only blip this week was she was not picked for any councils or to be a helper in school, so I told her, next year is her turn – I hope I’m right!

Me, well, I had a very full on week in work, haven’t worked a full week since end of July, so to say I was a tad tired was an understatement! But 1 week down and just 6 to go til Half Term again.

What else did I do? Ummmm….cooking, cleaning, washing…just the usual mum and housewife stuff! But I also went to a PartyLite catalogue launch on Wednesday! What’s PartyLite you ask…PartyLite is the world’s leading direct seller of candles, candle accessories and home fragrance products –  it’s one of the other things I do when I’m not a mum or Teaching Assistant.

14063933_1060036320746921_1828174667447065485_nIt was a lovely couple of hours out, smelling and mixing all of the different fragrances and looking at all of their new stuff. I do like to burn candles in the winter, it creates such a gorgeous ambiance, so I now need to decide what new fragrance is going to join my already house full of PartyLite! Check it all out here!!


And to finish the week off, I coloured my hair!

I tend to favour reds and I find after the summer, my hair naturally lightens in the sun, so when I do a red, it tends to be a lovely intense red. It was suggested though, that I wait for the Winter before going red and that I should stay lighter for now. So whilst out shopping I decided to see what was on offer for a highlight/lowlight idea that would suit my brown hair. There wasn’t much out there, but I suppose if I had chosen a proper shop and not a supermarket, there would have been more lol. So I opted for a L’Oreal Preference colour –


I was a little bit worried as I have a darker brown hair, but having brushed the colour on once and let that develop, I decided after drying, it could still have some more “bronde” so I added more!! The results were ok actually. I think you worry more about going lighter, well I do, as there is  more that can go wrong than if it were a darker colour – so here is the comparison…’s a nice natural colour and so very easy to use. I have kept the brush so I can use it to do other colours!


I would definitely use it again!!

So that is my first week back in the land of being a regular, responsible adult having had 6 weeks off with the kids for Summer. It was a pretty much run of the mill week with plenty of ups and downs, tears and NO tantrums…and long may it continue!





Is it wine o’clock yet?

It’s that time of year again where for the grown ups with kids, our little darlings go back to school!!!

Whether it be a day of sadness or a day of joy for you, it’s a momentous day! (And a blooming hard one!!!)

Some of you may have already had the pleasure….for me, tomorrow is D-Day!


I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, the kids going back to school. The preparations start on a Sunday, showers, baths, packing bags and getting uniforms ready. We haven’t had that for 6 weeks! But on the plus side, I don’t have to arrange any more childcare for them as I went back to work whilst they were still off, but on a minus, instead of having to just get myself up and ready in the week now, I  have three of us to deal with.(Hubby is usually up and out early!)

I’m not a morning person and if I can get an extra 5 minutes in bed, I will. I really do dislike early mornings! The routine begins…wake up, snooze and wish I’d gone to bed way earlier than I actually did the night before, get up, shower and get dressed, sort breakfast out, ask the kids to stop watching the TV and get themselves ready, make the packed lunches, ask the kids again to move their butts, make myself a cuppa, but I consider myself lucky if I get to finish it, switch the TV off as the kids will not be ready unless they do tear themselves away from the screen, check the time and realise, we will be late, check to see what’s happening with the kids and yell that they have 5 minutes and I’m leaving! (We don’t really, we have closer to 15. but you know what kids are like…they will drag their heels!). We do manage to get out of the door on time most of the time, which is surprising but then I either have to trek across the City to take my boy to his High School or I drop him so far so he can walk. I then take my daughter to school, where thankfully I work too!

Tomorrow will be a harder than usual day for me as my son does struggle to integrate back into school life. At 13 and going into his 3rd year in High School, I know I will have tears from him. It gets harder every year as he is growing into a young man and it’s never nice to see see your children upset. I do know that his school will take care of him as he is like this every time he returns after a long break. This does help me in my job too. I work in a school and I see lots of upset parents and children and can completely relate to how they are feeling. What I am lucky to witness is how these children adapt and settle in to their school life…which then gives me hope that my son is doing the same!

So here is to the official first day tomorrow….I wonder what time wine o’clock will be? The minute I get in from work? Or will I be ready at 8am?! The way things are panning out, I could be cracking that bottle open any minute. I have a very stroppy 13 year old, who has not eaten all day, who has just refused his tea and is in tears already. Thank goodness my daughter is happy to go back and will be fine….so it’s just my son to deal with….Hurry up half term…I think I need you already!

A weight off my mind

I am sharing my journey, if someone can associate with this and this post helps them, then my journey has been worth it. My journey has not ended, infact I revisit some of the places I have been time and time again and the route I have taken so far has been very scenic!
You see, I have had a weight problem for most of my life. My earliest recollection was in Junior school. I remember being put on my first proper diet(from the Dr’s) and it was called the weetabix diet. I remember been chuffed to beans being able to fit into a size 24 inch waist PE skirt when I was about 11. That was just the start.
I did even out a bit as a teenager and a young adult although always thought I was horrendously overweight.  I left school and got a job. I continued to think I was massively overweight and this is where the yo-yo and fad dieting started. I feel like it took my life over. I was always worrying about my weight. You name it, I tried it….cabbage soup diet, slimfast, calorie counting, Weightwatchers, Rosemary Conley, any and every fad diet that came out, I did – to limited success and always gaining back what I lost and some more

when I went back to “normal” eating!
I continued this “silliness” right up to my late 20’s. My size never being acceptable to me and always comparing myself to my “slim” friends.
What I didn’t realise at the time was, I was infact slim myself. Maybe a size 14/16. I look at old photos of myself and wish I was that size now! But I always thought I was so much bigger! I would never had said I had a body image problem…I was fat, I needed to diet! What I find strange is, I don’t recall being bombarded with adverts and pictures of slim women, so why did I think I was so big, when it was far from the reality? I genuinely have no idea! I know I was larger than average as such, but in comparison to how big I eventually got, I was a waif!



I think that is where it all started going wrong. Yo-yo-ing constantly did not help my body in the slightest and these fad diets were starting to take a toll. My weight was creeping up and up.


Late 20’s

But I seemingly didn’t care enough about myself to do something permanently about this. Not until my now husband came on the scene anyway! I met my husband when I was a size 30/32 and coming close to 19 stone, I was bigger again than in the picture above. I looked like I was not 9 months pregnant, but 19 months pregnant and I was starting to have to put up with innocent comments like “Oh , when’s the baby due” and ” I didn’t know you were pregnant!” I used to hide the embarrassment and hurt with a reply like, “I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat” to shock these people into feeling bad, but infact it was my fault and my problem that I was that big and they were right in thinking I was pregnant because of the size of me!

I got engaged and decided, that I was not going to look like the sugar plum fairy on my wedding day and joined Slimming world. I had done it before and I found it the easiest to follow out of all the plans out there. I managed to slim down from a hefty 30/32 to a size 24 for my wedding.

This still wasn’t acceptable, but it was a start.

Falling pregnant nigh on straight away then threw a spanner in the works and due to being overweight to start off with, I never actually got a “pregnant” looking tummy and I remember the midwife always saying that I was “large for my dates”…no, I was fat to start, so measuring my tummy was no way an indication of the size of my baby!!!

I came out of the pregnancy lighter than what I went in due to having bad sickness through the whole of it. I did gain some weight, but didn’t go back to anywhere near my size 24 I started off at. Another child came along 4 years later and the weight again was creeping back on. So back in 2011 I decided that I needed to do it not just for me, but for my kids….



And that is where my latest slimming world journey began….AGAIN……but this time, it was going to be the last!

I lost nearly 5 stone with slimming world and it took me maybe 2 years, but the last 3 years I have been firefighting as I just can’t seem to get the losses I used to.
I took 2 months off last summer and gained a stone and a half, went back in September 2015 and working it out, I have lost over 2 stone in the last year……BUT…have gained as much too….this is proving to be tougher than I ever anticipated. I cannot deviate even slightly from plan and I get away with nothing. …life is meant to enjoy and being 100% on plan, 100 % of the time is not feasible or realistic….I eat healthily and do have my moments, like Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, holidays where I do go completely off plan and eat what I want…but sometimes, I don’t want the “crap” as I call it! I know what to eat and I also know what I like. I am determined though to get back to where I was a couple of years back. I have given myself til Christmas to do it. I am still half the woman I used to be, although the clothes are starting to get very tight again! So again, it’s now or never…and what is that phrase….”it’s not over til the fat lady sings”…well it’s not over til the not so fat lady sings!!!

CBB, you have been evicted, please leave the Big Brother house!


Sorry guys, I have to do this!

I am(or maybe that should be “was”) an avid Big Brother fan and the latest version of Celebrity Big Brother has just finished here in the UK.

Why am I evicting Big Brother from his own house I hear you ask?

In my opinion, Big Brother has lost it’s way since the first series in 2000. Gone are the days from when they used to put all walks of life into the house – the young, the old, the straight, the bi, the gay, the lesbian, the thin, the not so thin and the proper famous!!

The show has morphed into a “ex on the beach” / “Geordie Shore” knock off where majority of the housemates are of a similar age and considered to be of a “certain look”. What happened to Joe Bloggs on the street? Do all of these “model” wannabees represent the general public better than the choices they used to make? I am sure the reason behind the lack of diversity in the house is that the producers think that all of these potential “hook ups” make for better TV than  Aunty Jean from the estate round the corner or Mr Smith from the corner shop.

I disagree with their choices and it seems that the general public do too as viewing figures have dropped from average of 4.5 million per show at the start of the series into a decline of 1.6 million viewers for this latest one.

I would never ever consider missing a show at the beginning, even having to find somewhere to watch it when I was abroad! These days – I couldn’t care less! If I watch it, I do, if I don’t, no biggy!

And don’t get me started on the Celebrity version they show to keep us addicts entertained! What is the definition of Celebrity?

  1. a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport.
    “he became a sporting celebrity”
    synonyms: famous person, VIP, very important person, personality, name, big name, famous name, household name, star, superstar, celebutante, leading light, giant, great,master, guru; More

Hmmmm, seems Big Brother have a different definition as all I see entering the house lately are reality TV people. Does this make them a celebrity? Unless you watch the programme they appear on, in my mind, NO!

So the latest CBB finished last night and someone who I had no prior knowledge of won. As usual surrounded by controversy. I suppose that the programme producers would call this series a success as it has generated lots of column space in the tabloids. For me, it was another nail in the coffin called Big Brother.

I certainly hope that they get their act together and start casting both regular, but a diverse group of people for the normal Big Brother and some proper Celebs for the CBB version.

That’s my rant on this subject.


Six weeks of summer!

I don’t know how you feel about the summer school holidays, but for me, the time absolutely flies!

Working in a school, I do look forward to any holidays, but for me the Summer ones are the BEST!

So, how do I cope with 2 kids and 6 weeks and not a lot of money?

We are lucky to be able to go abroad for 2 weeks of the summer holidays, so that definitely helps being out of the home for a fortnight, but that still leaves a month.

Money is key with me as everything seems to cost a fortune! So I try and find things that are either free or cost as little as possible.

This summer we have visited many places – mostly free! I’ll list some of them and give you a short description and opinion.

St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life

There has been a great choice of activities during the summer holidays this year. As well as the gorgeous walks around the gardens and Castle, there have been various events throughout the summer. OK, the cost of parking is £5, so it’s not completely free, but take a picnic and a pac a mac and you can have a really nice, cheap day out. (If Pokemon has impacted your lives too, the place is full of Pokestops!)

Cardiff Bay

We visit Cardiff Bay regularly, but throughout the summer they have a beach there! Ok, a large sand box…a very large sand box! But joking aside, there is loads to do. If you want to spend money, you can, as there are stalls and funfair rides there, but you have also got the whole of the Bay to walk around, as far over as the barrage if you want! Across the summer there have been various events including the Cardiff Harbour Festival which is this August Bank Holiday weekend. We can spend hours just wandering around down there but I like it best when there is some sort of event as it usually has street entertainers and live musc and it’s all FREE! You can park in various carparks there, but they can work out expensive if you are there all day. Public transport is readily available and cheaper!(And again, the pokestops are phenomenal!)

Victoria Park, Canton

Having got rid of the swimming pool, there is now a new “splash park” here, so we thought we’d try it out. My kids are a bit older than most that were using it, so were a bit uncomfortable just standing and running around lol. But if you have younger Primary age kids, this is ideal! Ok, very busy as you would expect and parking was a bit of a nightmare with traffic wardens hovering, so be careful! But along with the park area to play in and the splash park, we had a good couple of hours there. (Again pokestops galore)

Can you see a theme with our trips out so far? I have mastered the art of getting my kids out this summer! If there are Pokestops or Gyms or anything Pokemon related, my kids are there!

Check online for events or for more ideas where to go. Usually just googling places to go in South Wales or wherever you live brings up loads of ideas.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas. To be honest all 3 are suitable for all year round, you just need to dress for the weather!